Grafotronic SCF | Digital Finishing

The new SCF Super Compact Finishing is a fully servo driven machine for finishing of digitally printed labels. The machine is a compact version of our Converting Lines. SCF has a very compact design and smaller footprint but still is able to finish most of your digitally printed jobs.


Drive system:

  • Latest servo technology for full web control
  • Machine in solid construction and perfectly balanced

Printing module:

  • Modern flexo coating station with no tools needed at change of jobs
  • UV/IR dryers
  • Lamination unit

Die cutting module:

  • Compensation program for flexible dies semi-rotary die cutting
  • K&B Gapmaster with pressure control and oiling system
  • New generation semi-rotary high-speed version up to 70 m/min

Slitting system:

  • Shear cut slitting system (split version)
  • Razor blade slitting station

Rewind unit:

  • Single rewind unit 24″ [600 mm]
  • Dual rewind unit 2×18″ [2×450 mm]

Rewind shafts:

  • No more keys or tools and multiple screws to turn to be able to change the rewind shafts.
  • With the new Q-SHAFT you turn 1 handle 180 degrees
  • Q-SHAFT is quick, easy and hassle free


  • Web width: 14″ [350 mm]
  • Max. speed semi-rotary: 147 ft/min [45 m/min]
  • Max. speed rotary: 650 ft/min [200 m/min]
  • Drive: Servo
  • Max. unwind diameter: 24″ [600 mm]
  • Max. rewind diameter: 24″ [600 mm] / 2×18″ [2×450 mm]
  • Operation: R/L or L/R
  • Size: L 86″ x 50″ x 71″ [2180 x W 1270  x H 1800 mm]